I'm on the Quest
For the holy grail
at Aldi I will find!

Lonley do I ride through the holy fields of Aldi
I will seek and I'll be lead through the shadows of the shelves The sword my only fellow tears down Gemüsesortiment, through the dust I see a glare from far

It has been a long ride from Edeka to here, but true knights like me don't know any fear

Stand and fight, Supermarket knight! Let the steel of Einkaufswagen shine so bright!

The shadows of the Ladendetektive in my back, at the horizon appears the Käsetheke
Bearing the grail. It's a Sonderangebot today
I reach for this old cup between Handkäse and Edamer - Victory is near!

8.10.07 20:03

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